Causes and management of sex hormones dysfunctions - PMS

Hormonal imbalances are a common feature in humans. Sex hormones follow a natural 28 days cycle. Symptoms like PMS, cravings, anxiety & depression can all be part of this natural cycle of hormonal production.

In this class we will discuss how to balance hormones through diet, lifestyle changes whilst understanding its effects on body functions.

You will be able to address your particular hormonal imbalance and have the tools to make changes.

Water retention, weight issues, fatigue, skin problems, inflammation and digestive issues can be the result of an hormonal imbalance.

The class will discuss:

1. Sex hormones production

2. Estrogen dominance and sugar

3. Low progesterone and stress

4. Imbalanced gut flora and detoxification

5. Food that helps, food to avoid

6. Roadmap to health [tips to address hormonal imbalance naturally]

Workshop Type:
Food & Drink
Life Skills
Arts & Crafts
Health & Beauty
Date of Workshop: Apr 16, 2018
Day: Monday
Where: Dublin
Start Time: 18:15
Duration (in hours): 1.0
When: Weekday
Time of Day: Evening
Address: Rathmines Collective, 183 Lower Rathmines road [access via the stairs above the Dr Rafter clinic , next to the optician. Across the road from the Tiger shop outside the Swan Centre

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