Find your brand voice

Wednesday May 15th / 7pm


Michelle O’Connor wears specs and writes words, and has done since childhood. Passionate about the nuances of language, words and phrasing, she has turned her obsession into her profession.

Michelle works with SMEs across different fields, including: data science, creative agencies and healthcare to tell their stories, sell their products and further their business.

Your method of communication makes just as much impact as your visuals do. Therefore, your brand tone of voice should be concise, consistent and complementary to your visuals. Having a brand tone of voice provides you with a template for use across all communication.

During the workshop, Michelle will do the following:

Introduce the idea of a brand tone of voice.

Run through the 3 main questions of brand voice - who, why, and what.

Provide examples of good and bad brand voices.

Provide a rough guide to take away of the key things in developing a brand tone of voice.


Remaining Places: 10
Workshop Type:
Food & Drink
Life Skills
Arts & Crafts
Health & Beauty
Date of Workshop: May 15, 2019
Day: Wednesday
Where: Dublin
Start Time: 7pm
Duration (in hours): 2.0
When: Weekday
Time of Day: Evening
Address: The Tara Building, Tara St., Dublin 2

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