JohnnieBongos Brewery

Since exchanging answers to the daily crossword in school in 1996, Johnnie (John Morris) and Bongos (Clement Whiriskey) have shared common interests in pretty much everything.

Whether it was outdoing each other with the latest useless gadget, watching Galway play hurling or finding new and unusual beers on their travels, their paths were inextricably linked. It therefore made a lot of sense that Johnnie started buying brewing equipment as soon as he found out Bongos was tinkering with all sorts of alcoholic concoctions in his garden shed.

Many years and brew days later, a conversation over a pint (of course) led to JohnnieBongos Brewery being born.

Johnnie and Bongos, along with the rest of the JB team, are driven to share their love of craft beer and the brewing process through the brewing workshops run in their premises in Dublin's North Strand. They're on a mission to introduce as many people as possible to the joys of brewing, demystify the process and encourage their students to become amateur brewers themselves!

Brewing is better with friends so whether you're looking for something to do with a group mates, organising a stag party or in search of new and fresh ideas for corporate events or team building days.... get in touch and we'll get back to brew. (Sorry, that's a terrible pun)

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