Dolores A

Dolores Andrew-Gavin is an Author, Empowerment and Assertive Coach and Soul Care Practitioner.

I help people remember and become the empowered people they already are.

We can all get lost in life, being pushed and pulled by our commitments and daily routines. We can lose track of our own dreams and end up wearing whatever mask we feel we need at any given time. This can become so habitual that our own identity becomes unwoven from the fabric of our life. Our thoughts can be scattered and our actions out of alignment with who we truly are.

But we can learn to remember who it is we are without the masks and limiting beliefs. We can change our story and stand in our personal power taking back the driver’s seat in our own life in a truly authentic and joyful way. You will find me at

I am also the Founder of IrishHealthHour a global health and wellness community.

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